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The following certification courses are regularly scheduled in New Mexico. Locations may vary. As New Mexico is a large state, we are always looking for locations throughout the state to host training. If you are interested in hosting a certification at your location please contact us for more information.


Cancellation Policy:

  • A full refund will be issued if a cancellation notice is recieved 14 calendar days prior to the class date.
  • A $100 service fee will be charged for any cancellations within 14 days of a scheduled class.
  • In the event of a class cancellation due to lack of participants, a full refund will be issued to registered individuals.





This 2 day course that establishes principles to be observed in the design, installation, and maintenance of work zone traffic control devices. It also, identifies standards where applicable. The general principles outlined are applicable to both rural and urban situations. You will review Traffic Control Devices, Hand Signaling Devices and procedures, Guidelines for using Traffic Control Devices, Typical Situations for Construction, Traffic Terminology, Work Zone Traffic Control & Safety Review Notes and state and/or local design standards. Also included are hands on exercises which will give students a chance to apply what they’ve learned in typical real world situations. This course on Work Zone Traffic Control and Safety was specifically developed based on the principles and procedures which experience has shown to enhance the safety of motorists and the workers in the vicinity of the work area.

This certification is a pre-requisite for all Traffic Signal, Signs & Markings & Roadway Lighting courses.

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This certification program provides an introduction to the latest technology, materials, and the rules and regulations that are used for the installation and maintenance of signs and pavement markings on today’s roadways. Accepted industry standards and practices are covered in detail such as the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and how to use it, the various types of signs and pavement markings, and their application and how they interact with one another. Additional subject matter includes tort and risk liability, work zone safety, school zones, bike lanes, equipment maintenance, asset management, visibility and retroreflectivity, and environmental safety.

Prerequisites: Work Zone Traffic Control, and one year of experience in the traffic field.

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Level I - This certification is designed for entry level traffic signal technicians. During this 2 day session you will discuss: Introduction to traffic signals, signal indications, signal related signing, planning for traffic signal construction, basic design of traffic signals, vehicle detection, traffic signal supports, traffic signal installation (construction procedures and equipment), preventive maintenance, basic signal timing concepts, signal phasing and dealing with the public. 

Pre-requisites: Work Zone Traffic Control and one year of experience in the traffic signal field.

Level II - This 2 day certification will cover traffic signal plan preparation and bidding, construction of traffic signals, administrative and legal issues, traffic signal cabinets and components, coordinated signal concepts, traffic signal pre-emption, closed loop systems, traffic signal inspection, understanding the National Electrical Code and electronics troubleshooting.

Prerequisites: Work Zone Traffic Control, IMSA Level I Traffic Signal Technician Certification and two years experience in the traffic signal field.

Level III - Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III certification is administered as a 100 question challenge exam. A list of review materials for this exam can be found in the Certification Section of the IMSA International website. For additional information on taking this exam please contact the Section Certification Chairperson.

Pre-requisites: Work Zone Traffic Control, IMSA Level II Traffic Signal Technician and five years in the traffic signal field.

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The Signs Technician Level II is an advanced certification program that is designed to build upon the fundamentals of the Signs & Markings Level I program. This program covers an advanced level of knowledge and skill sets required specifically for sign design, installation and maintenance. In this program the sign technician will expand their understanding of the criteria for the application of signs in accordance with the current MUTCD and other references. Topics covered are when and where these traffic control device are installed, how to properly fabricate, install and maintain them. Additional subject matter includes sign requirements for freeways and expressways, speed zones, none-traditional toll managed lanes, guide signs, general and special warning signs, street name signs, and design and location considerations. The program also emphasizes the role of and increased responsibility that comes with Level II Signs Technician certification.

Prerequisites: Work Zone Traffic Control, Signs & Pavement Markings Technician Level I and two years of experience in the traffic field.

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