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The Pavement Marking Technician Level II is an advanced certification program that is designed to build upon the fundamentals of the Signs & Markings Level I program. The Level II program covers an advanced level of knowledge and skill sets required specifically for the pavement marking design, installation, and maintenance. This program will allow the Pavement Marking Technician to garner greater insight and an advanced understanding of pavement marking materials, installation and maintenance. It will also expand their knowledge of the criteria for the application of pavement markings in accordance with the MUTCD and other references. Topics covered are when and where these traffic control devices are installed, how to properly install and maintain them, material safety, pavement marking visibility, retroreflctivity, freeway and expressway markings, and colors, patterns and widths application standards. An in depth overview of all the various marking materials and the technology behind them is also provided. The program also emphasizes the role of and increased responsibility that comes with Level II Pavement Markings Technician certification.

Prerequisites: Work Zone Traffic Control, Signs & Pavement Markings Technician Level I and two years of experience in the traffic field.

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